On the very outskirts of the Cerknica karst field we furnished a beautiful house of a young family who built their nest in the vicinity of the old village center.
In cooperation with the architect, the investor decided to retain the original positioning and location of the once-existing family house, which was architecturally adapted according to the contemporary understanding of space; it also incorporates the latest technologies and materials.
Introducing the heart of the house, the kitchen.
The kitchen provides a finishing touch to the entire house with its modern, clean yet playful elements and its practical layout. The matte painted surfaces merge with the stone worktop and act as one.
Other traditional materials such as wood, metal and stone seem to perfectly intertwine in their contemporary dance.
The timeless rustic oak parquet adds warmth and sturdiness to the furniture. Last but not least, there is a solid dining table made of local oak. This magnificent dining table will be a gathering place for generations of family and friends and will witness many stories and laughter.
Design and architecture: Marjeta Černe, Engineer in Architecture. Technical processing and production: Pobles d.o.o.