In this beautiful villa we used natural oak veneer with accentuated flat grain interlaced with a gentle white and dark grey high-gloss. Carefully selected veneer sheets are sewn together by hand and joined in a specific sequence. The dining table is made of a hand-welded metal frame, which carries a brushed and oiled oak top. Although minimalist in design, decorative accessories make the interior special and unique. Kitchen and bathroom countertops are made of the extremely durable stone Okite. Above the central kitchen island we fitted a floating element with a built-in kitchen hood and lightning.
The spacious open walk-in wardrobe offers comfort and is practical for everyone. Wood wall covering in the bedroom creates a feeling of warmth and gives special character, making the room even more comfortable. In the bathroom we added a chromium element and together with the client decided on the use of each individual shelf. The whole interior is unique due to the combination of various materials, which blend into a comfortable, yet modern whole.
Designed by BCR d.o.o., Božo Ć. Rozman, univ. dipl. ing. arch.