The intermittent Lake Cerknica and the witches’ hill, rising over the lake, surround a modern family house, whose state-of-the-art interior rounds off the story of a unique home. The kitchen’s walnut veneer and fronts in high-gloss pastel shades are combined with a polished natural Persian stone countertop and a wall panel. The central part of the kitchen is its island and the light fitting with a built-in hood over it. The kitchen continues with an elongated table and opens up with a living room and a gallery. A great deal of attention was also placed on the design of other rooms in the house. A unique housing experience.
At the furniture fair Ambient in Ljubljana, kitchen Minoo won a prize for excellence in the furniture concept design.
Designed by: BCR d.o.o., Božo Ć. Rozman, u.d.i.a.